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Installed in a similar manner to Bedding Class B except the granular bedding is taken up to 300mm over the crown of the pipe. Where inspections after backfilling identify defects which do not comply with the requirements of Clause 619.14, such culverts shall be removed and replaced, unless the Superintendent approves repairs to be undertaken in accordance with the requirements of Section 610, and Section 687 for crack repairs and Section 689 for conventional patch repairs. Where the trench bottom soil can be cut and graded without difficulty, pressure pipe may be installed directly on the prepared trench bottom. For mechanical compaction, backfill must be placed and compacted using suitable mechanical equipment to achieve the minimum dry density ratios. Table 701.121 Pipe TypeCorrugated MetalCorrugated Metal Pipe ArchOtherNominal Diameter (D) or Width (mm)Less than 2,400Over 2,400Less than 3,600Over 3,600Less than 600600 to 1,800Over 1,800Clear space between rowsD/21.2 mD/31.2 m0.3 mD/20.9 m (c) Box Culverts Consecutive sections of box culverts shall be firmly butted together. (b) Where nontrench conditions are permitted the following shall apply: Selected backfill material shall be placed for the full width of the previously placed bedding material to a height of 0.3 m above the top of the culvert, or to subgrade level, whichever is the lower. For the purposes of this specification the definitions and abbreviations given in the . Pressure pipes shall be as specified on the drawings and in this section. Trenches and shafts 6.9.1 Placement 1 - Mechanical compaction. Anti-Flood Valves 2) When special bedding conditions for pipes are required, excavation diagrams will be shown on the plans. Placement of backfill is as defined and designated in this section. A. Descriptive of a particulate material that is such that the sizes of approximately 90 % The compacted bedding shall be shaped to accommodate the joint collar and ensure that the pipe is supported along its full length. Class A - Load Factor 2.2 - 3.4 In this method, the bottom of the pipe is bedded in plain or reinforced concrete of suitable thickness. (function() { 9.1 Bedding Bedding of pipes shall be "Type H2" Bedding or “Type HS2” in carriageways in accordance with AS/NZS 3725:2007 – Concrete Pipes, or AS/NZS 2032:2006 – Installation of PVC Pipe systems, unless specifically modified by the Engineer and the modification is approved by HCC. If any of the above sections are not included in the specification, all references to those sections should be struck out, ensuring that the remaining text is still coherent: 701.01 GENERAL This section covers the requirements for the supply, delivery, transport, and installation of underground stormwater drains, referred to as culverts, together with the construction of inlet and outlet structures (endwalls, catchpits, basins, etc. Size mm Two amendments to this part of the standard have so far been published, which have 4. For pipe diameters larger than 1350 nun (54 in). Pipe bedding guidelines are dealt with in Part H of the Building Regulations in which several site specific situations are addressed, you should consult the above document and your local building control officer if undertaking any new installation works . Interceptor Traps Federal, state, county and city governments, or other … Drain Surveys 701.11 CULVERT BEDDING Bedding material shall be provided and placed for the full width of the trench or, where the culvert is to be placed without trenching, to a width 0.8 m greater than the overall width of the culvert. Pipe Specifications The following is a list of pipe standards for gravity sewer lines, force mains, leaching tile pipe, and manholes, which Ohio EPA has reviewed and deemed acceptable. SPECIFICATION CODE: 3 NBS REFERENCE :R12 PRODUCT DETAILS 3:1 GENERAL 3:1:1 All 82mm, 110mm and 160mm pipes and fittings to be Polypipe Terrain P.V.C.-U ... High spots and rocks shall be removed to allow full bed depth. A temporary embankment extending not less than 15 m on both sides of the culvert may be used to provide the necessary cover. The bedding material shall consist of sand, sandy gravel, compacted rock or gravel Identify the section of pipe in the PID and a line number will be quoted, e.g: 12-FW-1014-1CS1P which is interpreted as follows: 12 - The nominal pipe size of the line. Drain Rods Stuck AASHTO Section 30 is narrowly focused on gravity flow ... Non-trivial differences exist between the two specifications. Michael Hall P.E., Standards Specifications Engineer michael1.hall@dot.wi.gov (608) 266-8461. 701.13 JOINTING All interlocking (flush) joint reinforced concrete pipes shall be mortar jointed, or wrapped with a 200 mm wide external joint rubber band. • Unless otherwise specified or instructed by a soils specialist, soft areas shall be excavated approximately 2 feet (600mm) below grade and three times pipe width and replaced with a suitable material as directed by the design engineer. (h) Marker Posts Marker posts shall comply with the requirements of Section 709. For flexible pipe this begins 12” over top of pipe for smaller pipe and 18” for pipe 54” and larger. 200 mm where D ≥ 1500 mm. The concrete extends upwards on each side of the pipe for a height equal to but not less than 1/4 of the pipe diameter … (i) Culvert Under Area to be Paved Where the trench has been excavated from design subgrade level or above, the trench shall be backfilled to design subgrade level with selected backfill material, and above that level with appropriate pavement material. Bed drainage pipes in trenches on a continuous underlay of compacted bedding material. If backfilling to the specified level is required, selected backfill material shall be used.

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