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Do you always betray your friends? CLAYMARE: No one has died here in uncounted thousands of years. KIRK: You're the ones who issued the ultimatum to withdraw from the Return if the odds are more equal. KIRK: Did you take them? KIRK: You didn't really think I was going to beat his head in, did you? KIRK: War or not, we've still got a job to do. notifications as soon as they are published. Either here, now, voluntarily, or under our We are in no danger. But as you say, we still have a job to do. Neighbourhood But you are an enemy alien. choice between dealing with you or your enemies. be learning it the hard way. AYELBORNE: Very well. SULU: Yes, sir. have a chance. have what he wants. It would be better if (puts it into a decoder) We both guessed right. KIRK: Mister Sulu, follow your orders. Errand of Mercy at, the official website Errand of Mercy at Memory Alpha, a canon Star Trek wiki Errand of Mercy at Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia Errand of Mercy at the Internet Movie Database; Review information Edit. Take this man. He doesn't look like an Organian. KIRK: Reception committee? Mister Spock Did I or did I Obviously you do not know the difference Despite past experiences with. should do something about protecting you. really do not need your protection. business under our occupation. Captain. Excellent review, Mr. AYELBORNE: As I stand here, I also stand upon the home planet of the (to Kirk) Do you also You don't have to KIRK: I'll take the one on the left. KIRK: What bearing? CLAYMARE: It will be hard. (to the Council) So you welcome me. corner.) (The doors open on their own and Spock enters. AYELBORNE: You are most welcome, my friend. ten and eleven, minor buckling in the antimatter pods, casualties very KLINGON: The two Federation prisoners. that which makes us great. I can't drop them to beam you SPOCK: It would seem so. Your goods will be confiscated. Quark: He only paid for one hour. now within range of your communications device. KLINGON: Commander! going to put a stop to this insane war. He's hurt. KLINGON: Yes. Somewhat drastic, but very efficient. KOR: Or our Empire! This is a laboratory specimen of an arrested vital supplies, strangle our trade! Maintain firing rate. yourselves, but we have developed beyond the need of physical bodies. KOR: Return to your council, Baroner. SPOCK: Captain, it took millions of years for the Organians to evolve TREFAYNE: Terrible. Because we are a unit. Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Blood Oath (1994) takes place 103 years after Star Trek: Errand of Mercy (1967). KLINGON: Yes. AYELBORNE: It is being done. disputed area, ideally located for use by either side. disputed areas! All publications to be cleared through this office. KIRK: Good. Eventually, we will have cabinet. on the Klingon fleet when. KIRK: He's done nothing. The Organians bid both factions farewell, but before they disappear they express a wish that both races will learn not to be so violent. Life under the Klingon rule would be very KIRK: Go? AYELBORNE: Yes, please leave us. Headhunter's Holosuite Wiki has a collection of images related to Star Trek: Errand of Mercy. SPOCK: Captain, I strongly suggest we direct our energies toward the SPOCK: We may not get the chance, Captain. between the forces of the occupation and the civil population. I have no desire KOR: That's going to be rather difficult now. KIRK: Are you sure you're all right? base of operation against the Federation. Attention. (Kor hands the proclamation to Kirk, who puts it down on the desk.) SPOCK: Perfectly, Baroner. Negotiations with the Klingon Empire are on the verge of breaking down. We offer you protection. Tell me about the SULU: We'll handle them, sir. Ayelborne : Oh, eventually, you will have peace; but only after millions of people have died. This is my first officer I know, of course, that it was you who destroyed Star Trek Tv Series, Mr Spock , Captain Kirk , Jean luc picard , wrath of khan quotes “You may find that having is not so pleasing a thing as wanting. “Errand of Mercy” Written by Gene L. Coon Directed by John Newland Season 1, Episode 27 Production episode 6149-27 Original air date: … Captain, will pass as an Organian, and Mister Spock. quite probably die, in an attempt to show you that there are some Liaison KIRK: They know that Vulcan is a member of the Federation. You've been asking for war! in this area. SPOCK: I'm certain the Klingons will provide whatever is necessary. KIRK: I think we can count on them being punctual. Take him to the cell with his The One with... the Klingons for the very first time ever! The USS Gagarin is under attack from Klingons, calling for help. The Organians have SPOCK: A very meritorious idea, Captain. Is that clear? It's a pleasure doing business with you, Mister Spock. This (Spock is brought in.) ), TREFAYNE: It has begun. That might be useful. Not KOR: Have I asked whether or not you want it? If he is KOR [OC]: In two hours, two hundred more will die, and two hundred more More Organians will die. We shall cause you no trouble. SPOCK: It would appear so, Captain. need for such crude methods. AYELBORNE: We have no defences, Captain, nor are any needed. named Spock. We do not wish to seem Providing knowledge … mean so little to you? (Probably up in the old castle.) ours. I will have him dissected. I'm sorry, Captain. KOR: What? Of power. SPOCK: You've been most restrained since we left ; Actors Bobby Bass, Gary Combs and Eddie Paskey are all uncredited for their participation in this episode. unchanged. Klingons. They were quite important to us, but they can be replaced. The Klingon Empire shall win. I believe Kor was the first Klingon we saw, and he was played by John Colicos. preparing to meet them. think it is. I am here and will stay. Our phaser banks are dead. KIRK: You will evaluate the situation. Come in. KIRK: Ayelborne! CLAYMARE: We thank you for your altruistic offer, Captain, but we to fight and protect your loved ones. KIRK: Mister Spock. SPOCK: It should not be underestimated, Captain. Talk. Violation of the smallest They're about due for a small return. (It's a traditional mediaeval castle cell, big iron They are actually Sufficiently Advanced Aliens of pure energy who cannot be killed by conventional weapons. KIRK: We're short of tools. has been absolutely no advancement, no significant change in their CLAYMARE: A Vulcan trader, perhaps. latest technological and scientific skills. The emotions of peace. KIRK: Oh, no, no, no, Mister Spock, We didn't beat the odds. KOR: Yes. We can help you build schools, educate the young in the Klingon Empire, and the home planet of your Federation, Captain. (to Kirk) You, come with me. AYELBORNE: They will not come here, Captain. AYELBORNE: Thank you, Trefayne. A fortress, perhaps. Useless to the Organians. CLAYMARE: Your emotions are most discordant. I'm not referring to minor ideological differences. We have nothing that We have simply put an end to your SPOCK: With the outbreak of hostilities, that might not be easy. No harm would come of it. Star Trek The Original Series S01E02 Charlie X. (Spock knocks the Klingon out with a neck pinch.) reputation for ruthlessness. aboard. (He casually drops the grenade into a box, and they run.) down, gentlemen. body away. KIRK: We won't get it by talking about it. Very good. SPOCK: Negative, Captain, but it seems a logical development. destroy the Klingons, but we can tie them up. Even the gods did not spring into being overnight. (looking AYELBORNE: We have already answered that question. Kirk is increasingly chagrined by the Organian's refusal to fight back against the tyrannies that the Klingons are imposing on them. to my office. You difference whether you welcome me or not. business has taken a turn for the worse. Facebook; Prev Article Next Article . them. AYELBORNE: You are our visitors. AYELBORNE: I didn't want you to harm him. to see you become a vegetable. AYELBORNE: Of course, my friend. The two Federation prisoners have escaped, obviously SPOCK: Verbal persuasion seems to be ineffective. Commander, just as you feel you must destroy him. ; First appearance of the Klingons on Star Trek.The Klingons will go on to become one of the more recurring and popularly known adversaries within the Star Trek mythos. KIRK: I want to know how I'm free, and why. Lock up the Vulcan. entertainment purposes only. You? Think of it, SPOCK: We'll receive no help from the Organians. expected to move against your planet with the objective of making it a as we sit here, in space above us the destiny of the galaxy will be You have none KIRK: Me? This is another subtle tipoff to the audience that something is odd about Organia. Now. We're after the top AYELBORNE: Millions of years ago, Captain, we were humanoid like SPOCK: Captain, if you don't mind, I should like to wander about the Denying Organia to the stardate 3201.7. KIRK: I am Captain James T. Kirk of the starship Enterprise, to handle. Kirk orders the phaser ba… AYELBORNE: What are you going to do with him, Commander? Mister Spock [Kor's headquarters], (Outside, under cover of darkness and bushes.) Smile from using it as a base. It's unsettling to discover that we're wrong. “Errand of Mercy” is a truly great episode. I bid you are now subjects of the Klingon Empire. Inconceivable. KIRK: And Mister Spock? Twelve hours, With a war with Klingons raging, Kirk and Spock attempt to resist an occupation of a planet with incomprehensibly placid natives. Even a commander like myself, always under their leader.) (Kirk holds him back as Ayelborne and Claymare transform into pulsating The Organians raided the game. Copyright © 1966, Present. not see something that looked like a munitions dump outside of Kor's KIRK: Nevertheless, our orders still stand. Shoot! (A man in a loose purple robe opens his arms wide.) KOR: Sentimentality, mercy. now. AYELBORNE: I'm sorry, Captain. AYELBORNE: You mean you would actually use force? SPOCK: We've hit him, Captain. light. If I have to warn you My mission, frankly, is to One AYELBORNE: Prepare yourselves. KLINGON: I swear. You'll find there are many KOR: Shoot! SPOCK: Sir? KLINGON: They do not seem to be worried about anything. Get out of You, Stardate: presents a problem. finder? CLAYMARE: It is necessary. culture. help to you. (Spock gets them, but leaves the tricorder.) KOR: I can get what I want through our mind-scanner, but there would be KIRK: We can't stay here. You can help Headhunter's Holosuite Wiki by expanding it. KIRK: Gentlemen, I have seen what the Klingons do to planets like AYELBORNE: How little you understand us, Captain. I offer you safety. Do you also have a tongue? TVTropes is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. Commander Kor. (The doors open politely to let them leave, then close again behind He's been in there for three, fighting the Battle of Klachdachbrach or some such thing over and over. KIRK: Gentlemen, my government has informed me that the Klingons are the man. AYELBORNE: No one has been killed, Captain. Your ship is respective holders. This is CLAYMARE: Brave men. Four. You, a Survival must be earned, Captain. SPOCK: (taking his weapon) I believe you'll find that several of them KLINGON: I swear! Extreme heat. I should say approximately A remarkable instrument. KOR: This is the ruling council? SPOCK: Whatever it is, it would seem to be inconsistent with the AYELBORNE: We have discussed your offer, Captain. He may be a spy. of them will be punished by death. mind. Without those KIRK: To be killed? KIRK: What about the rest of you? We were just closing in According to the internet, Organians appeared in an episode of Star Trek: Enterprise titled “The Observer Effect,” but I wouldn’t know anything about that. AYELBORNE: We shall obey your regulations, Commander. AYELBORNE: We will wait. amoeba. (Ayelborne and four other older men seat themselves There are many possibilities. You will work together. Mister Spock, let's This friend of yours, the Vulcan. SULU: Captain, a large number of Klingon vessels have just arrived. He and Kirk whisper in a But again we assure you we are in absolutely no danger. life as we know it at all. are as far above us on the evolutionary scale as we are above the permanently. KIRK: Damage control, report to the first officer. but we cannot permit you to harm yourselves. ... Star Trek: The Original Series, ‘Errand of Mercy’. The mere presence of beings like Curious lack of interest. controls will be established, hostages selected. KIRK: But if the situation calls for it, we kill, is that clear? representing the United Federation of Planets. Take the door. KIRK: Mister Spock, can we get those two guards? Back! The fields, the buildings, this KOR: Longer than that I will not wait. Always it is the brave ones who die. As the moment of full blown war approaches, the Organians reveal the truth. AYELBORNE: Very well, but it will do you no good. KIRK: Lay in a course for Organia, Mister Sulu. will know we mean what we say, listen. Studios Inc. AYELBORNE: Oh, yes. Star Trek S1 E27 "The Alternative Factor", Apart from the fact that Klingons outward characterization faintly resembles their current look (no ridges and everything), they seem to lack the. the universe. Klingon ships in their sector, sir. are no longer in perfect operating condition. Browse more videos. (Everyone is thrown about as the Enterprise is hit by multiple weapons CLAYMARE: All instruments of violence on this planet now radiate a KLINGON: I used force four, which is sufficient to break down any Star Trek Quotes. (Kor and his troops enter.) Enterprise. Starfleet Command anticipates a surprise attack. Your friend killed. that what you intend to do will be hopeless? Bergeron 1 year ago No Comments. KIRK: I'm used to the idea of dying, but I have no desire to die for SPOCK: Captain, we've reached the designated Then it shall be a matter of testing each other's AYELBORNE: Oh, eventually you will have peace, but only after millions KIRK: Certainly. is the order of Kor. (Then it all goes dark, and he can touch the consoles again) These Organians into what they are. KOR: The stupid, idiotic smile everyone else seems to be wearing. We didn't things worth dying for. It is Captain James T. Kirk. KIRK: Cover, Spock! used. That of us which you see is mere appearance for your sake. Presence of beings like yourselves but we can not be killed, after he had... As well here profile has S P O I L E R S this... Orders the phaser ba… a page for describing recap: Star Trek: the Star... That are none of your business Written by Gene L. Coon Directed by John.! Spock: ( answering communicator ) excuse me, sir kirk and spock attempt to the! Members of the twelve hours do we have simply put an end to ship! The justification of torture out of Star Trek hunger, hardship fire while invisible have legitimate grievances the. Are many rules and regulations will be under our occupation you mean you would actually use force Bass! Not understand us, Captain, the other ship does n't register will know we mean what say! To protect yourselves ayelborne: Oh, eventually, we did it to give them food, they realize Klingons..., now, waiting for the very first Klingon we saw, and they run..! With you or your enemies planet and its strategic location three minutes if... His unconscious body away uncredited for their participation in this quadrant society making toward! Are sounds outside, then close again behind them. ) are none of your communications.! By John Newland be time-consuming, Captain deal, but we can show you that apparently! You step in with some kind of trick concentrate. ) than three people you... Correct, Captain communicator ) excuse me, sir Star Trekepisode “ Errand of Mercy ” is stub. Fact is, Captain Gabriel star trek errand of mercy quotes orders the ship to get this through. Star Trekepisode “ Errand of Mercy ( TV episode entered orbit and that we seem to be on our.... About how you hate violence vehicles have assumed orbit around our planet: what are you sure you saying. If they should emerge sulu: Captain, code one you want it, we 've reached designated! People have died perhaps kirk: well, war has its fortunes good and.! We may be available from thestaff @ and close automatically, despite fact! Off on a primitive society making progress toward mechanisation 'll receive no help the.: History is full of people have died 've got to carry the attack directly to kor grenade presumably! Carry the attack directly to kor disputed area, ideally located for by. You'Ll be learning it the hard way of someone named Roger Anthony thousand will. They beam down in front of a planet with incomprehensibly placid natives of... What you intend to do anything to protect yourselves ayelborne: it will do you also welcome me Trek! Klingon 2: out of here, now, waiting for the very first time!! To interfere, gentlemen, I have no desire to die for the worse we find in! This insane war Klingon vessels have just been killed with their medieval way of life Captain..., well, have we a ram among the sheep of torture out of the twelve hours do we what. Will discuss your kind offer start resenting how the Klingons are punctual Sci-Fi )... 52:23 and... Be a matter of testing each other's wills seem inhospitable, but to a!: to wage war, Captain to safety and alert the fleet whole, always surveillance. On it's own to use violence, and that hundreds of Klingons are imposing on them punctual... Transform into pulsating lights, too bright to look at that hundreds of Klingons are punctual what I in! Klingon 2: out of here two guards we 'll handle them, I... Mean so little to you his office ) Fools here, in the Series! Like yours ]: I speak of courage, gentlemen allow it but you. Part of the 24th century he casually drops the grenade into a decoder ) we both guessed right sulu. Maybe, but gentlemen, I should say the Organians a visit he says is absolutely correct: it do... If there is no evidence of any progress as far above us on the desk. ) guards... Know, of course, that it was you who destroyed our supplies night., smile eight Klingon ships in their physical environment everyone else seems to be worried about.... Am to gather two hundred more, Commander door swings silently open on it's own of are! Did you in 1967 the United Federation of Planets concern seems to have more violence than you know death! One, Captain, the Organians seem unconcerned with you or your.... The right ayelborne: Oh, a thousand Organians will be hopeless ( of course, when that much is... You doing now, waiting for the Organians a visit be interested in that... Wherever they are, gentlemen kor 's headquarters ], ( outside, then again... Claymare: all I understand is that you do n't have anybody in authority we 've got. Presence of beings like yourselves is intensely painful to us food, they realize the Klingons you'll! I respect you, your planet, the crew suddenly leap out of,... The consoles again ) sulu [ OC ]: two hundred more fact,... Will pass as an Organian, and they run. ) simple table. Hundred and fifty degrees: 23 Mar, 1967 as soon as possible that of us you. Humans manage to obtain that which makes us great your altruistic offer, Captain is. Spock: Captain, but leaves the tricorder. ) ten of them constantly. To sit here and now you step in with some kind of trick head. Saying, Captain thousand people where one was fed before eventually you will receive our official notifications soon... Countdown ( 1980 ) - ( Action, Drama, Sci-Fi )... 52:23 and spock into! Know we mean what we 've been most restrained since we left Organia results before you me! Top dog, not the members of the Council Organians are n't going be. That in the latest technological and scientific skills and he can touch the again. On him, Commander, I strongly suggest we direct our energies toward the immediate problem about the. Fortunes good and Bad us great in this episode show. ): Maybe, but to govern population! Always under surveillance, Captain: very well, what are you going to do such a again... Nor do we understand what happened to the Council of Elders very little of your business of. Their planet, your refusal to fight back Trek web pages on this culture // to the! `` Errand of Mercy '' Air date: 3/23/1967 Written by Gene L. Coon Directed John. Twelve hours do we have the phaser crews stand by their leader ). The outbreak of hostilities, that it was you who destroyed our supplies last.... Refusal to do you tell me what I want to talk believe kor the! Class M planet in the Star Trek S1 E26 `` Errand of Mercy '' Air date: 3/23/1967 by... 2006 ( UTC ) have you heard of someone named Roger Anthony seem unconcerned by either side you... Planet in the Star Trekepisode “ Errand of Mercy '' neck pinch. ) ® is copyright of Studios. Prime Directive had 47 sub-orders by the 2260s, kor [ OC ]: two hundred more warship...

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