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It's a place that good riding ability pays off at least until you are tired and then it will bite. Porcupine Ridge … BRMC; Porcupine Ridge Bracebridge Bay: 1.5 km: The trail follows the Muskoka River around the Bracebridge Bay. VIEW DIRECTIONS. Trail Information. A few cool features at Porcupine Ridge in Bracebridge, Ontario July 2015 Colors indicate trail is missing specified detail. THERE ALSO IS ALOT OF THICK BUSH!! Season's Passes are a mere $25.00 and will be available at … A good flowing trail network will have most trails flowing in a single direction according to their intension. https://www.discovermuskoka.ca/things-to-do/mountain-biking/porcupine-ridge Rode it on a hardtail and enjoyed every stinkin minute of it. This 17 trail, 11.4km network is nestled atop a great hill built from pieces of … Stairway to Heaven, Buckwallow is about a 10 - 15 minutes drive halfway between Bracebridge and Gravenhurst. info [AT] ecclestonecycle.com (705) 645-1166. You must login to contribute content.The following content can be added. Located just off Santa’s Village Road in Bracebridge… INSTAGRAM. " Porcupine Ridge trail opening 2018 will be postponed due to a insurance issue. Porcupine Ridge mountain bike route in Bracebridge, Ontario. This "back to basics" … Porcupine’s 12 km trails are conveniently located in close proximity to an iconic Bracebridge … Fall is just around the … The trails are not for beginning riders great for intermediate rider looking to improve skills and a whole lot of fun for the experienced riders needing to be humbled. If you have endurance but no skills ... enjoy the walk! I'm a little bit biased about these trails because I've helped Doug (Doug's Trail) work on his trail a couple of times. North Bay has a countless number of trai. (NOTE: Something worth mentioning is that we were there on a perfect summer weekend and did not see any other riders AT ALL! Porcupine Ridge Mountain Bike Trails MORCA - Muskoka Off Road Cycling Association is at Bracebridge Resource Management Center . Excellent use of the land and good signage to direct newbies around. Camp in the park and ride it a few times. BY FAR the best technical riding I've done yet.....technical with a flow. Once you begin on the trails, there is no easy way out. Buckwallow. This website is a personal project of mine where I plan on documenting some of the routes, rides and destinations I complete through my riding adventures. Go through the first set of traffic lights and turn left at Santa’s Village Road. 1st Muskoka Explorers is excited to announce that we are expanding into Bracebridge this year! Follow the signs to Santa's Village in Bracebridge. If you have skills but no endurance, plan on frequent breaks to catch your breath. TAKE HIGHWAY 118 TO GOLDEN BEACH ROAD. Think of this as a heatmap, more rides = more kinetic energy = warmer colors. Turn left on to Santa’s Village Road. Please respect the land owner and stay … Porcupine Ridge Mountain Bike Park is an advanced trail system found 5 minutes from downtown Bracebridge. There are a few easy trails with (fern gully, the maze & andrews theater) but even the main trail can be dificult for beginners. Menu. Marion Wentzel-Reprich Sales Representative 705-641-8227 Marion@BracebridgeRealty.ca 1014 Kirk Line West Bracebridge, P1L 1W9 Muskoka, Ontario Your local REALTOR's; in Bracebridge, the heart of … The maintrail is medium difficulty, but the offshoots are for the advance rider (except for a few). The trails here are some of the most technical I've ever ridden, but they have poor flow. Access points Bird Lane, Ecclestone Drive, Entrance Drive, King Street and Wharf Road. for DH the runs are too short). Love how Doug's trail slowly coaxes you into higher and longer ladder bridges. We will be meeting on Thursdays between 7:15 and 8:30 at Bracebridge Public School. The Bracebridge Resource Management Centre is the perfect trail system to explore located just off of Highway 11 in Bracebridge, ON. Satin's Village, Or Porcupine Ridge as some may call it developed by Santa's Village and Jeff Hill and more recently by Eccelstone Cycle and Doug, is at very least a technical place to ride a bike, and learn some first aid at the same time. The trails at the Porcupine Ridge Mountain Bike Park will open for riding May 1st, 2006. Santa’s Village is approximately 4km down the road and the mountain bike park is across the street. One lucky customer will be taking home his new ful. Trailforks scans ridelogs to determine which trails are ridden the most in the last 9 months. Some locals showed me their favourite stuff. Santa’s Village Road Sant a ' s Village Road Sant a ' s Village Road 15 - Kodi’s Attack 14 - The Corkscrew 06 - Stairway to Heaven 13 - Andrew’s 05 - The Altar Porcupine Ridge is still closed. It has the best flow and exposes you to quite a few of the man made obstacles (bridges, titter-totters, etc.). Rode with guys that know the trails inside out....wicked flow due to rider's knowledge...minimal stops to pull out a map...PREFERABLE, Porcupine Ridge, what a place. none compare, but fun trails like k.o.a., the rocks in Gravenhurst. I never had a chance to ride the trail. Lots of technical riding, much like Kanata Lakes - Dark side. Trails are compared with nearby trails in the same city region with a possible 25 colour shades. A lot of knarly terrain and some steep but not too long climbs. Satin's Village, Or Porcupine Ridge as some may call it developed by Santa's Village and Jeff Hill and more recently by Eccelstone Cycle and Doug, is at very least a technical place to ride a bike, and learn … Thankyou SANTA CLAUS. (devils backbone) Huge drops. PLENTY OF DIFFERENT TRAILS MY FAVORITE BEING STAIR WAY TO HEAVEN. The trails … All of which you will find at this, not to large but very fun place to ride. For the avid mountain biker looking for an even bigger challenge, Porcupine Ridge is the place to find just that. (Three Steps) If your super hardcore look for some of the unmarked trail. With a selection of both double and single track mountain bike trails, these trails are perfect for all skill level ... Porcupine Ridge… © Copyright 2020 VerticalScope Inc. All rights reserved. A MUST RIDE. Home; News; Trails. Porcupine Ridge; The Chocolate Block; Tasting Room; Wine Shop; Contact; Versatile wines named after a celebrated local. The trails at Porcupine Ridge are expert-level trails. Downloading of trail gps tracks in kml & gpx formats is. Technical, fast decents, good climbs. Highly worth the drive from anywhere! Muskoka Off-Road Cycling Association. My Scalpel was not a hinderance on any of the trails (obvious I didn't do the several drops they had there). Bracebridge, ON P1L 1G4. Make the initial climb up and be treated by trails that will test your skills at navigating rocks, roots, and even some build features. Very technical sections These trails are great technical trails. JUST UNBELIVABLE YOU RIDE UP TO THE TOP OF THE MOUNTAIN AND THE RIDE DOWN IS CRAZY LOTS DROPS LOGS STEAP HILLS CANADIAN SHIELD. The hard-working folks at the Muskoka Off Road Cycling Association maintain great trails at the Bracebridge Resource Management Centre just north of town centre, on Highway 11 and at Porcupine Ridge … (Dougs trail) Rocky rooty trails. With 13 kilometres of some of the most technically demanding trails in Ontario, … BRMC has seen some leaf blowing and this EPIC warm weather is not … Climbing rock faces and twisting back down. THERE IS ALOT OF ADVANCED TECHNICAL UP HILL AND DOWNHILL. Continue about 5 km. This has technical single track off of a doubletrack main loop. If your looking for something about 1.5 hours away, try North Bay, ON. It is all ridable for intermediate to advanced XC riders. If you're the type of cyclist who likes to stay on the bike going up as well as down with little or no interruption, you not only need expert technical skills (I don't mean trials), but also olympic endurance. The intended direction a trail should be ridden. Day passes are on the Honour system....just $2.00. porcupineridge.ca for news $5 donation for trail upkeep please. These trails are not for the person that likes fast single track. Rated as some of the most technically challenging mountain biking trails in Ontario, Porcupine Ridge is a long standing favourite to those riders seeking to test their skills and endurance. A solution is in the works and we hope to have the trails open sometime in June. Porcupine Ridge really is for advanced riders only ... and I mean advanced from both a technical skills aspect as well as fitness level. MORCA. This trail is no joke! This is an advanced trail system that requires both physical fitness & technical skill. Click here for the 2020 Printable trail … Real fast and roller coater like. Porcupine Ridge Mountain Bike Park in Bracebridge, Muskoka consists of approximately 13 km of trails that climb up and over a rocky ridge at the outskirts of this town’s famous amusement park, Santa’s … Technically just as challenging as Porcupine Ridge (less the drops/jumps), but with a much better flow because the tough sections are spaced out enough to give the rider time to recuperate without actually having to stop riding. ), Doug's Run. If you seek massive granite flat rock with steep inclines, rock gardens and high bridges, then check out this awesome trail … THEN PULL INTO THE SANTAS VILLAGE PARKING LOT. Visit our sponsor page to see who has supported MORCA this season! From Hwy 11 take Hwy 118 west to Bracebridge. This range of delicious, everyday wines is a firm favourite on tables throughout the world – offering great value and superb drinking. Lots of large drops, and tough downhills. Doug's Trail, Fern Gully. But...MORCA has been building new trail at the BRMC, and these guys like technical riding so expect that. Porcupine Ridge Mountain Bike Club is located in beautiful Bracebridge, Muskoka, Ontario. Porcupine Ridge is rated one of the most technically challenging mountain bike parks in … Porcupine Ridge - Trail - user reviews : 4.6 out of 5 - 16 reviews - MTBR.com Porcupine Ridge The rocky, technical trails at Porcupine Ridge are located just minutes from Downtown Bracebridge. What I found odd was that given the extremely challenging nature of the terrain, the built stunts (which are quite a few and fairly well constructed) were ridiculously easy ... go figure! What a place!!!! Porcupine Ridge Mountain Bike Trails. 11.8 km ride. Whether you are a free-rider of cross-country rider, this is a great place to test your skill and your gut. Bottom line: This place will definitely make you a better rider, but the flow is frustratingly poor ... that's why the 2 for Overall Rating. Exit highway 118 towards Bracebridge. Trails are approximately 10 minutes from downtown Bracebridge, with many options for lunch, coffee, local brews. Bracebridge is home to a particularly active cycling community, especially off-road fun. No motorized vehicles are permitted on the Porcupine Ridge trails. Trailforks scans users ridelogs to determine the most popular direction each trail is ridden. There are lots of rocky climbs and lots of rocky downhills. Rocks, roots, climbs, and drops and then more of the same and bridges, ladders, and ramps these are the words that make mountain biking fun. Re-opening Porcupine Ridge has been a truly joint effort between the philanthropy of Santa's Village, the foresight of the Town of Bracebridge, the determination of Ian Dawes of Ecclestone Cycle, the efforts … PORCUPINE RIDGE MOUNTAIN BIKE trails These sought after technical and intermediate/expert trails at Porcupine Ridge are officially returning as of April 2019. 3 stage in Collingwood is also a riot. Not for beginners Get the latest mountain bike reviews, news, race results, and much more by signing up for the MTBR Newsletter. Hmmm? A MUST RIDE FOR ALL AGRESSIVE RIDERS. Please be aware that all trails - including the main trail - include technical features, climbs, and in some cases built features. We proudly named the range after the Crested Porcupine… Open May 1st to October 31st Porcupine Ridge is one of the most advanced mountain bike trail areas to ride in Ontario. Porcupine Ridge is on the right hand side next to Santa’s … It is difficult to say what type of bike is best suited to ride here because if you go for the day and want to ride everything (like I did) you will have a hard time picking the right bike ... maybe an all-mountain with 5 to 6 inch suspension (front and rear) may do it, but it'll have to handle some brutal climbs and a 10'-11' drop. Another iconic mountain bike location in Ontario, are the technical and advanced Porcupine Ridge Mountain Bike Trails. IN THE LOT IS ANOTHER LITTLE PARKING LOT THE TRAIL STARTS RIGHT THERE.

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