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7.6 We recommend that you back up all existing files by copying them to another storage medium prior to the installation of the Equipment and Software required for any Service. A DSL connection requires an active phone line. Take the size of your home into consideration when you are looking at how powerful your prospective router is. 1.12 You are solely responsible for all access to and use of the Service and Account, including any breach of the Agreement. Learn More. Across our services, we offer standalone modems or modem-router combinations to fit your needs. 4.1 The rates and fees charged by us reflect the allocation of risk herein and the limited recourse to us provided for in the Agreement. Get the edge with low response times for your online gaming sessions. The “basic” service package may change from time to time. Find all Internet options with accurate plans and pricing from Xplornet, TekSavvy and 11 other providers! 18.3 You must supply all facilities and Equipment, including all wiring inside your premises, and all telephone terminal Equipment necessary to connect your facilities and Equipment up to the point where the local telephone company’s facilities end and your facilities begin. First, it may be necessary to do so in order to manage and operate the Services, or to protect ourselves or others. Close. https://teksavvy.com/services/phone/911-address-notice/, https://teksavvy.com/fr/nos-services/telephone/avis-dadresse-911/, https://www.teksavvy.com/policies/legal-stuff/shared-internet-resources-policy/, https://www.teksavvy.com/fr/politiques/section-juridique/politique-sur-les-ressources-internet-partagees/. Service availability is also subject to the availability of appropriate facilities and is dependent on the availability of suitable technology at the location(s) at which you wish to obtain the Service. 19.11 If you or a member of your household self-identifies as a person with a disability, you will have a thirty (30) day trial period to determine whether TekSavvy TV meets your needs. However, subject to the 911 service provider exception described below, you may opt to have your name, address and telephone number listing information omitted from these directories or services by requesting, and paying for, an unlisted telephone number. 12.5 TekTalkTM may not in all instances perform with the same degree of reliability or quality as equivalent traditional wireline telephone services. In other words, whether you add or remove a programming package, we will only bill you for the time that you maintained an active subscription to the Programming in question. (I heard ON people can get 64.95$ for FIBE 1000 alone as I write this); +60$ install fee though. However, there are two exceptions. Any changes to Services will be performed in accordance with Section 3 of these Terms of Service. We, our Affiliated Suppliers and our Carriers are not responsible for any charges or taxes (expressly including, without limitation, provincial or federal universal service charges, regulatory fees of any kind, federal excise or sales tax, or provincial sales tax), or liability you incur. TekSavvy is monitoring the COVID-19 situation carefully and adding network capacity to help our customers stay connected. Why we recommend it: Cox offers free self-installation on many plans, including their cheapest plan, Cox Internet Starter 10. Our team is here to help through self-serve in the MySavvy customer portal or by phone at 1-877-779-1575. 17.2. The number of service connections per address may be limited. This means that Programming channels may be added, suspended from time to time or cancelled permanently, at our discretion. Address registrations and updates may be recorded at https://teksavvy.com/services/phone/911-address-notice/ in English and https://teksavvy.com/fr/nos-services/telephone/avis-dadresse-911/ in French. #1 INTERNET SERVICE PROVIDER, 7 YEARS RUNNING. If that's the case why are the charging for installation when there is not installation involved. TekSavvy is monitoring the COVID-19 situation carefully and adding network capacity to help our customers stay connected. Find all Internet options with accurate plans and pricing from Xplornet, TekSavvy and 10 other providers! You can choose to use a standalone modem and a standalone router or opt to go with a modem-router combination device. 25.3 Not applicable to Residents of Québec: Otherwise, the dispute will be determined by single-arbitrator arbitration. You can incur many charges and may be exposed to liability on the Internet in connection with your use of Services. If you do not agree to receive these software updates, your only remedy is to cancel TekSavvy TV. Without limitation, one such example is the use of long distance to access dialup Internet Service when it cannot be accessed from your local calling area. We will not assume any responsibility for your acts or omissions or of any individual who uses your Account. Due to the nature of high-speed Internet Service technology, we reserve the right to deem the high-speed Internet Service unavailable to you up to, including, and after the installation. Unless otherwise provided in the applicable Software License Agreement, a Software License Agreement ends when your subscription to all Services employing the corresponding Software terminates, and all Software License Agreements will terminate upon termination of the Agreement. 12.4 In the case of Internet Service, we or our underlying Carriers may impose caps on bandwidth usage and hence such usage capacity is not unlimited in those cases. If you have subscribed to a plan or Service for a Contract Period, then we may terminate your Services only if you are in default of your obligations, including one of the events of default described in Section 11.3. 15.6 Improper installation or configuration of your TekTalkTM Device or other Equipment used in conjunction with TekTalkTM Service will prevent your 911 calling from functioning as intended. These directories or services, however, may receive or obtain your telephone numbers and address from a source other than us. Thank you for your suggestions. vs Usually no activation fee" There is indeed an activation fee, around the 70$. By agreeing to the Agreement, you also agree to the terms of any Software License Agreement for Software supplied to you in connection with the Service, and you further agree that the terms of any such Software License Agreement also form part of the Agreement. You acknowledge and agree that we shall conduct a preliminary geographical check upon your placing an order to determine if high-speed Internet Service is available in your geographical area. Best Internet Plan by TekSavvy TekSavvy Cable 75. Choice of Programming may vary based on the service location from which you are accessing TekSavvy TV. Research and view all Internet providers in the Parksville area. 8.9 Not applicable to Residents of Québec: Administrative charges may be levied for administration or account processing activities in connection with your Account, including as a result of the following:•  Collection efforts due to non-payment or having a balance over your credit limit, including unbilled usage and pending charges, fees and adjustments;•  Returned or rejected payments;•  Change of any identifier (e.g., phone number); and•  The restoral of Service. 13.5 You agree that the limitations of liability set out in this Article 13 are fair and reasonable in the commercial circumstances of the Agreement and that we would not have entered into the Agreement but for your agreement to limit our liability in the manner and to the extent provided in this Article 13. Stay healthy. 1.9  As a condition of using each Service, you agree to and must comply with the Agreement. 18.1 You may choose your long distance service provider from those providers that have entered into connection arrangements with us. Really though, your ideal WiFi situation is unique to your home. 8.14 All Equipment installed or provided by us, except Equipment purchased outright by you, remains our property and you agree to return such Equipment to us promptly when you no longer subscribe to the Service(s) in respect of which the Equipment was provided to you or when the Agreement is terminated. 16.5 Wherever possible, we seek to site elements of our service that process personal information within Canada, and by Canadian-owned and -controlled companies, in order to avoid its international export. DSL is very dependent on the quality of the infrastructure and your distance from the nearest Central Office (CO) where the service ultimately connects to the outside world. The entire period of the duration of the Agreement is hereinafter called "Term". In addition, when using certain other services, you may be subject to additional terms (which shall be communicated to you and posted from time to time) applicable to such services and which shall be incorporated by reference into the Agreement. If you do not do this, or if your payments are in arrears, we may suspend or terminate your Services or Account without any further notice to you, triggering payment of the Early Termination Fees described in 8.12. This information may be used to provide you with better service. 8.2 In the event we fail to bill you or underbill you for a charge, you will not be responsible for paying the previously unbilled or underbilled charge except where: (1) in the case of a recurring charge, you are correctly billed within a period of one year from the date the charge was incurred; or (2) in the case of a non-recurring charge, you are correctly billed within a period of 150 days from the date the charge was incurred. One-time charges for pay per use services, such as PPV and some On-Demand services, are applied at the current rates at the time of use. Please review the entire Agreement. You will not earn any interest on any deposits or other payments held by us. In addition, with E911 service, your call back number and last address are visible to the emergency response centre call-taker. 29.1 The Agreement, as amended from time to time, constitutes the entire agreement and understanding between you and the TekSavvy Companies for the Services and supersedes all prior agreements written or oral, with respect to the same subject matter. 17.1 You acknowledge and understand that when using home networking, there are certain inherent risks (e.g., other users may gain access to your system or your Services and Accounts). Certain Programming transmitted by Hastings, including sports events, may be “blacked out” in your area of reception sometimes for copyright or other reasons. You are solely responsible for the following matters:•  Any access to the Equipment;•  Maintaining the security and privacy of your property and your transmissions using the Services, the Equipment or our facilities or networks; and•  Protecting against any breaches of security or privacy or other risks involved in installing, using, maintaining or changing the Services or the Equipment. You may be looking at a budget router which would suffice for a small home but fail at providing coverage for your entire home. You'll be covered with one of our many hardware options available. 27.1 You and we understand that the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission, or other regulators, government departments or agencies may impose regulations on IP-based or other services. 19.1 This section sets out specific terms and conditions applicable to your TekSavvy TV service provided by Hastings, and forms part of your Agreement with the TekSavvy Companies. Bell charges dry-loop fee on its retail services: All fees included in monthly price. Teksavvy Cable 75 Internet Review: First impressions of TekSavvy Cable 75 package - GREAT! 15.8 You should inform any household residents, guests and other persons who may be present at the physical location where you utilize TekTalkTM , of the important differences in and limitations of TekTalkTM 911 calling as compared with E911 service, as set out above. 22.1 If a change in your local telephone service is requested from your local phone company or a change in your cable service is requested from your cable company, it is your sole responsibility to advise us of the changes as this could affect the Services you obtain from us. Paid outright for the modem which was $99+tax, and TekSaavy had a promotion where the installation fee of $50 was waived. It seems like that address doesn’t qualify for service. 2.7 We may, in our sole discretion and without your consent, migrate your Services to other networks and platforms or change our suppliers, as and when it becomes necessary. If you have any questions regarding the Teksavvy service, post a question to the Teksavvy forum. We rely on third parties to assist us in routing 911 calls to local emergency response centres and to a national emergency calling centre. Cox – Low-cost installation. 2.6 Without limiting our other rights and remedies under the Agreement and at law, we may, in our sole and unfettered discretion, terminate your subscription to a Service and/or your Account without notice, for any breach of the Agreement or any portion thereof by you, or anyone accessing or using a Service through you, your Equipment or Account. 19.18 We do not claim ownership of information, materials, software or other content (collectively, the “Customer Provided Content”) that you post, upload, input, provide, submit or otherwise transmit to us or any third party, using the Services. We can absolutely assist you in transferring your active services to TekSavvy. During the trial period, you may cancel your Service without penalty if you return your STB. Our team is here to help through self-serve in the MySavvy customer portal or by phone at 1-877-779-1575. You understand that neither we nor any of our affiliates, Carriers or other Affiliated Partners attempt to censor or monitor any such Content. Need to catch up on an entire season of your favourite show before the latest season? Stay healthy. 15.3 If you are unable to speak during a 911 call and the call centre operator has access to a call-back number and last registered address associated with your TekTalkTM Service, the operator will transfer the call to the emergency response centre closest to that address. 19.2 TekSavvy TV consists of programming content delivered by Hastings over TekSavvy’s Internet connections. All such software, content or services is accessed or transmitted solely at your own risk. ... Starter + 10, 4K receiver, 1 years Crave+SuperÉcran, 0$ install fee. 1.6 Certain content and software employed in the provision of the Service may be provided by third parties (hereinafter called “Affiliated Partners”), including facilities and services of other providers of telecommunications services (such providers hereinafter collectively called “Carriers”) and broadcasting content providers. Stay safe. The hours of operation for billing/accounting are set out here in English and here in French, as updated from time to time. 6.1 You hereby acknowledge that we may retain and use any information, comments or ideas conveyed by you relating to the Services (including any products and services made available on the Service). Stay safe. As such, we do not guarantee the maximum Service performance (i.e., throughput or speed) levels. Upon termination of a Software License Agreement you must forthwith return or destroy any copies of the corresponding Software in your possession. Our team is here to help through self-serve in the MySavvy customer portal or by phone at 1-877-779-1575. The CRTC’s decision announced lower ‘final’ wholesale rates than the interim rates set in 2016. It is also available here in English and here in French. 11.3 In addition to our rights to terminate your Services pursuant to Section 11.2, we may restrict, block, suspend or terminate any or all of your Services or Accounts, including 9-1-1 service, or identifiers in any way, without notice or liability to you, if:•  You are in breach of the Agreement, including non-payment of your charges or non-compliance with any Policies;•  You do not maintain Service usage within the prescribed credit limit;•  You exceed reasonable usage limits, as determined by us;•  You have given us false, misleading or out-dated information;•  We reasonably suspect or determine that any of your Accounts, identifiers, Services or Equipment is the subject of fraudulent, unlawful or improper usage or usage that adversely affects our operations or the use of our services, facilities or networks by others;•  You harass, threaten or abuse us or our employees or agents;•  You fraudulently or improperly seek to avoid payment to us;•  We need to install, maintain, inspect, test, repair, remove, replace, investigate, protect, modify, upgrade or improve the operation of the Services, the Equipment or our facilities or networks;•  Any account or service on which your Services depend is terminated in accordance with our Terms of Service for any reason; or•  We reasonably believe that there is an emergency or extreme circumstance that would warrant such action. You agree to review and to familiarize yourself with all such Service related information, and we are not liable for any damage or detriment to you or your property resulting from your failure to do so. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, we may effect such a migration or change in suppliers in order to maintain, upgrade or enhance the performance of any Service and other deliverables provided to you hereunder, to ensure continuity of such Service and the integrity of our network, and/or to comply, as necessary, with manufacturers' requirements. If any of your Services or Accounts has been terminated, then you authorize us and our representatives to enter or have access to your premises to disconnect the Services, as applicable. 12.8 You are responsible for the use and compatibility of the Services with any Equipment, Software, services and/or other materials not provided by us (hereinafter called the "Third Party Equipment and Services"). It is your responsibility to ensure that the credit card or financial institution account information that you provide to us remains valid and current and that we are able to continue charging or debiting it to pay your bill. We like to keep things light and breezy. The following terms and conditions of service (“Terms of Service”) govern your use of the Services and form part of your Agreement, as defined below. UNLIMITED USAGE FOR UNLIMITED LIFESTYLES. 10.4 In order to obtain Service and depending on the nature of the Service, you may have to purchase or lease certain additional Equipment and obtain additional services from one or more other providers of telecommunications services. Stay healthy. 11.1 The term of the Agreement, and any applicable Contract Period, starts on the Order Date. Sorry TekSavvy, installation fees are for when you ACTUALLY INSTALL THE SERVICE and let me know that it has been installed. You also agree not to use any Service or any Equipment or Software provided in connection with a Service in a manner that contravenes restrictions lawfully and legitimately imposed on us by our Carriers. 14.1 You will indemnify and hold harmless the TekSavvy Parties from and against any claims, losses, damages, costs and expenses (including, without limitation, reasonable legal fees and other litigation expenses) incurred by the TekSavvy Parties relating to your violation, alleged violation or misappropriation of any intellectual property, industrial, contractual, privacy or other rights of a third party or any alleged libel or slander by a third party against you. TekSavvy is monitoring the COVID-19 situation carefully and adding network capacity to help our customers stay connected. 4.3 Please note that your messages and transmissions over the Internet may be the subject of unauthorized interception and review. Another example is a one-time installation and monthly recurring fee for the use of local loops used to provide Internet Service over DSL, where the carrier that leases the local loop to us is not providing voice telephone services over it as well. Research and view all Internet providers in the Claresholm area. Your use of the Services is subject to these Policies, which are incorporated into these Terms of Service by reference. To the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, no advice or information, whether oral or written, obtained by you from the TekSavvy Parties creates any term, condition, representation or warranty not expressly stated in the Agreement. 25.1 If you have a dispute about Service, Software, Equipment, about this Agreement, or about what we say outside this Agreement, then we want to resolve the dispute quickly and fairly, and will work with you in good faith to do so. These include, in particular, service providers acting on our behalf, like certain customer support software we use (Zendesk, Zopim, and HubSpot). TekSavvy service subject to Terms and Conditions. We are a neutral, common-carrier-like intermediary, and we neither know, nor want to know, what you communicate using the Services: that’s between you and those you communicate with. The DSL connection is a dedicated line. A person with Internet access can cause damage, incur expenses, enter into contractual obligations and attract liability while on the Internet. Harassment or abuse of any kind directed at our employees, contractors, agents or representatives is strictly prohibited. A relatively low equipment fee of around $11/mo. I called to Teksavvy and talk to a customer service rep and he proceeds to tell me that we have to setup and get the modem working ourselves. Escalate the dispute outside the TekSavvy Companies only if you have tried to work with us, but are unsatisfied with the resolution. 29.8 The Agreement enures to the benefit of and is binding on you, your heirs and your legal personal representatives and on the TekSavvy Company’s respective successors and assigns. Unless otherwise agreed to by you and us, we will bill you monthly. 8.4 You agree to treat our telephone cards and all other access codes and passwords, where applicable, as confidential and non-transferable. If you do not agree with any of the terms and conditions related to TekTalkTM , including the limitations and requirements associated with 911 calling provided over TekTalkTM , or with these TekSavvy Terms and Conditions of Service, do not subscribe to, or activate, TekTalkTM , do not install the TekTalkTM Device or any other Equipment provided in connection with the TekTalkTM Service and call us immediately at 1-877-779-1575 in English or 1-800-368-6909 in French to cancel your TekTalkTM Service, if any such service has been ordered or activated. 14.2 You will indemnify and hold harmless the TekSavvy Parties from and against any claims, losses, damages, costs and expenses (including, without limitation, reasonable legal fees and other litigation expenses) incurred by the TekSavvy Parties relating to the violation of the Agreement by you or any user of your Account, or in connection with your or their use of the Services. 8.3 You are liable for all charges to your Account, including without limitation, installation fees, change fees, reinstatement fees, Equipment purchase and/or rental fees, Software licences, fees for the provision of Services, ETFs (as defined in Section 8.12) and administrative fees (collectively, “Service Fees”), and these are due and payable in full from the date of your invoice or statement. We will provide you with notice of the Policies and of changes to the Policies. You agree to hold us, our affiliates, agents and suppliers, including without limitation our Affiliated Suppliers and Carriers, harmless from all liabilities and expenses related to any violation of the Agreement or laws by you or any user(s) of your Account, or in connection with your or their use of any Service(s). If Hastings is unable to provide any PPV or On-Demand Programming that you have ordered, the TekSavvy Companies will credit you the amount charged for that PPV or On-Demand Programming. TekSavvy Solutions charges an activation fee … In order for emergency services to be dispatched to the correct address in such cases, you must ensure that the registered address that you have provided to us is always the same as the physical address at which the Analog Terminal Adapter/other device you use to obtain your TekTalkTM service (“ TekTalkTM Device”) is located. 10.7 As a condition of continued use of any Service, we may require you: (1) to download and install upgrades, patches or more recent versions of any component(s) of any applicable Software; and (2) to verify the accuracy of your registration and billing information. 1.7 Any Software supplied to you or otherwise made available to you in connection with the Service will be subject to the terms of an associated Software end-user license agreement (“EULA” or “Software License Agreement”) and shall remain our property or that of our agents or suppliers, as applicable. Service may be suspended, at any time, to any and all of your Accounts, if your balance, including unbilled usage and pending charges, fees and adjustments, exceeds this limit. If you do not agree with any of the foregoing, your sole and exclusive remedy is to notify us and immediately discontinue your use of the Service and Account. We do not have any long-term agreements to lock you in. All communication for the purpose of billing or legal notice may be made by email or by delivery to your domicile, which shall be deemed to be the last billing and/or service address(es) that you have provided to us. Certain PPV or On-Demand Programming may only be ordered if you also subscribe to other Programming. Any applicable cancellation and/or re-installation charges relating to your Services will be charged to your Account. Stay connected with our fastest available speeds. The hours of operation for technical support are set out herein English and here in French, as updated from time to time.•    Telephone support for account/billing issues is available at 1.877.763.5606 for English service and 1.800.368.6909 for French service. To connect multiple devices, or to achieve WiFi service, you will need a router. They also waived the installation fee for me.

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