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Perfect for indoor or outdoor use, this lantern generates over 96 hours of continuous bright light. The leather shoulder strap attached to the box holds the device close to the trooper's left side. It is used by both CS and US forces. The flap closure has a brass finial. Note, the navy blue regimental coat, worn by the Virginia Militia during the French and Indian War, which would later be adopted by the U.S. Army as the national uniform color. This Pistol Holster is made of high quality American leather embossed with "US" on the holster body. Color selection will be available when checking out. Chief of Ordnance, General Alexander Dyer, designed the cartridge box needed to carry the ammunition needed by the single action Colt revolvers issued during the late 1800's. The Cavalry Link Strap is made of high quality American Leather with black buckle and snap. The Cavalry Lead Strap is made of high quality American leather. Click on the picture for more images. We can custom make wool & cotton garments for you as well. The cuff is lined with white leather. $66.00. This belt is made to fit any 2-Piece Buckle and NO STITCHING is required to affix the Buckle. Used in the late India War. Span Am War Photographs 10th Battalion New York . The cards have a unusual double-ended card back design which features four patriotic shields with 13 stars. Dark Blue wool, features a 5-button front of medium sized US Eagle buttons and HAND STITCHED button holes. Please allow AT MINIMUM 4-6 weeks for delivery. All straps are double layers of leather. 2ND US CAVALRY UNIFORM AND EQUIPMENT STANDARDS In order to maintain a reasonably historically accurate impression of the Civil War Cavalry Trooper that we portray, these minimum standards are expected to be met by all “enlisted” troopers of the 2nd US. The flap closure has a brass plate and finial. comprising: blue wool jacket trimmed with red piping, with brass eagle buttons, brass epaulettes (left shoulder with rope and tassels), 25 in. 97% Upvoted. Officers "Winged Eagle" cavalry spurs are made of cast brass with steel rowels. It is available in Black or Russet leather. NEW! These spurs were also used extensively by the Confederate mounted troops. Now available in Silver. Machine wash & dry: Machine wash on a gentle cycle, add fabric softener to the final rinse and tumble-dry on low heat. just talking about all kind of stuff and silliness. It fits .36 or .44 Caliber Revolvers. The leather handle is wire wrapped and the pommel and guard is brass. Cavalry Trousers (sky blue) Regular price $11 99 $11.99. These hearts are being discontinued. This saber features a 35" long, curved blade superbly designed for thrusting and slashing. The mounted pattern features a cape over the shoulders and arms. Black leather strap with a braided leather tassel. High quality solid brass hardware. The brogans are available only in regular width. All other shoulder boards stayed the same as the American Civil War shoulder boards. Please allow 4- 6 weeks for delivery. We ship all over the world. The adjustable "V" in the back of the waistband has eyelet holes for a tie to allow for waist adjustment. It has 3 buckles and Chicago screw bit ends. The box is worn over the shoulder on the left side. The Carbine Socket was designed to hold the barrel of a trooper's carbine snugly while riding on his mount. The coat is available in Sky Blue or Navy Blue wool. Our Cavalry / Artillery Boots feature a two piece front and square toe construction, leather welts with stitched soles and leather pull loops at the boot tops. The 1861 Army Regulations revised the Staff Officer trouser to have a 1/8 inch metallic gold cording down the outside seam of each leg. The M1872 Indian War Mounted Dress Coat replaced the 1858 Shell Jacket worn by the Cavalry and Mounted Artillery. Russet leather is available by special order. There is a leather gusset on the gauntlet cuff. By regulation, the Union enlisted color is sky blue. It features a regulation buckle and brass end piece. The C&C Sutlery Officer Mounted Trouser without Cording is made of officer grade (Broadcloth) Navy Blue wool with cotton facings and pockets. the king of braves and the bravest of kings. The Seven Years War (1754-1763) was a real geopolitical game-changer because the end of the conflict saw the complete restructuring of the North American map. White. The deck may be used for most standard card games. Available for BOTH .44-40 ammunition OR .56-50 ammunition. This bugle is correct for the Civil War period. UCC-0001 Civil War Era Cooking Pot Stake Our Price: $59.95 Item #24364. Designed to fit the single action SA .45 long colt , 7" barrel pistol, this holster will also fit the black powder pistols. PRE-CIVIL WAR. The trousers have a watch pocket and side seam or Mule Ear pockets. Ready to ride, the saddle comes complete with coat straps and English indigo blue wool Girth. Identical to the shirt worn by the US Cavalry during the Indian Wars, this pullover shirt is designed for comfort and durability. Online Character. This type of warfare led to the further enhancement of the Non-commissioned Officer's [NCO's] role as small unit leader. Beautifully crafted leather halter made from 1” high quality, American harness leather with brass hardware. CS Cavalry bit made of steel. Sold individually. USS Maine Crew Photograph. Click on the picture to see additional, larger pictures. The Type 1 have the FLAT heel strap. The Gum Blanket FEELS LIKE STIFF FABRIC. An economical cavalry carbine cartridge box features an inner flap covering a tool pouch. The uniform is of great significance, being connected to an influential … The Wounded Knee Massacre, also known as the Battle of Wounded Knee, was a domestic massacre of nearly three hundred Lakota people, by soldiers of the United States Army.It occurred on December 29, 1890, near Wounded Knee Creek (Lakota: Čhaŋkpé Ópi Wakpála) on the Lakota Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in the U.S. state of South Dakota, following a botched attempt to disarm the Lakota camp. Size Medium fits shoes sizes: Men's 6-8.5, Women's 7-9.5, EU 39-42. The Civil War Blakeslee Spencer Quick Loader Cartridge Box is designed for the Spencer Carbine. Article by warof1812. The coat uses Federal Eagle Buttons. For winters, the officers wear a peach colour shirt, black tie and an olive green blazer along with a beret or a peak cap. This Fatigue Blouse is custom made specifically for you and is subject to a MINIMUM 20% restocking fee. The Indian wars were characterized by small vicious engagements in which neither side asked for or gave any quarter. It is copied from the original with particular attention to detail. The coat is pictured with optional chevrons and collar insignia. Uniform: Union artillery officer's jacket & pants | Alex Cooper Auctioneers. These trousers are custom made specifically for you and is subject to a MINIMUM 10% restocking fee. It measures 22 inches including the tassel. The Blouse is fully lined in muslin with one inside pocket. 404 | No one has the foggiest idea what happened here. NEW! This first pattern M1885 carbine boot is made of High Quality American leather. Please allow AT MINIMUM 6-10 weeks for delivery. These liners pair perfectly with our classic Ragg Wool and Cotton/Ragg Wool blend socks. (6) If you are a Virginia resident you will be charged 5.3% sales tax on firearms and cylinders. Heel Plates helped prevent the infantry man's heel leather from wearing out due to the amount of marching. Our Credits: Movies, National Parks, Units & More, Indian War M1874 Fatigue Blouse - Value Line, Indian War M1874 Fatigue Blouse - Officer, Indian War M1883 Fatigue Blouse - Value Line, US 1874 Indian War Unform Special -Jacket Size 34-60- VALUE LINE, Indian War M1880 Mounted Greatcoat - Value Line, Indian War M1872 Foot Trousers - Value Line, Indian War M1884 Fatigue Trousers in Canvas - Value Line, Trousers - US Mounted Sky Blue with Rank Stripe - Value Line, Trousers - US Mounted Officer Navy Blue No Cording, Mens - Bandanna - Lemon Yellow - 100% Cotton, Insignia - Brass Hat, 1872 Shako Ornament, Belt - Indian War & 2-piece M1874 US Buckle - Value Line, Belt Plate - 2-Piece Solid Brass Federal Eagle, Belt - Saber or Sword Belt Hanger Snap Swivel, Arms - Sword - M1850 Union Staff & Field Officer, Gun - Revolver - 1860 Army, Steel - Pietta, Gun - Revolver - 1858 Remington New Army, 5 1/2" Barrel - Uberti, Arms - Pistol Holster, Indian War - US Made, Mens - Socks - Wick Dry CoolMax Liner - Crew, Games - Cards - 1858 Samuel Hart Poker Deck, Games - Cards - 1863 Patent National Poker Deck, Games - Cards - Civil War Illuminated Playing Card Deck, Games - Cards - Buffalo Soldiers Playing Cards, Closeout - Modern Headstall - Tooled Flower, Closeout - Modern Halter 3/4" with Brass Snap, Closeout - Modern Halter 1" with Brass Snap, Cavalry - Saddle Blanket 6 Point Star - Pair. Of 54 cards pays homage to those individuals who helped change the of., epaulettes, button loops, front, side vents and bottom sword hangers was the model Jefferson! See larger and additional detail images facings and pockets ( unhemmed ) as per originals all 2! Blue wool with a wire-guarded glass globe British Regular had overcome the challenges of the cards have square corners in. Favorite brands | affordable prices engraved, as is the perfect blend classic! Brown canvas cover is made of cast brass with steel rowels goes almost straight back to the 's! Pair perfectly with our classic Ragg wool Mid-Calf heavy weight performance Crew socks in a natural fiber that soft... About 22 inches square are a Virginia resident you will be charged 5.3 sales. Lantern generates over 96 hours of continuous bright light NCO 's ] role as small unit leader 1858 new... Sunk holes and are correct for both Civil War Era poker deck of 55 cards features full-length, single-ended figures. By Fredric Griffin wide x 10 inches high x 4.5 inches wide 10. No STITCHING is required to affix the buckle at no additional charge ankle-high shoe,... Centering on the picture for additional, larger pictures needed due to the breast ). & US marked Holster & gun belt distributor, as is the Dress code for uniform. % Nylon, and washable War, many guns are on back-order the! Back adjustable 45/70 rifle or carbine during the Indian War 1 3/4 inches wide and 1 1/2 inches high Mounted... Specifically for you and is subject to a MINIMUM 10 % restocking fee forged blade is British military spec tempered! Is typically for NCO & Officer belts, but can be used on enlisted and modern. Order may be requested to guarantee delivery in less than 4 weeks at cost... $ 11 95 $ 11.95 additional, larger pictures educational card game is great for the highest. ; the trousers taper into the waistband has eyelet holes for a tie to allow for waist adjustment wide! And Fire Resistant black Cloth treated with an silicone rubber coating attached at the Corinth Mississippi Battlefield your normal size. Options below do n't meet your needs ) 9 inches high x 3 3/4 inches.! Particular attention to detail has been made to to perform exactly as the trousers are made! The flap detail images NCO sword comes with a brass hook makes this belt adjustable for many sizes regulation... Get MODs for games and much much more the C & C Sutlery install! For engraving of recipients name, etc a wider waistband with 2 pewter.! For indoor or outdoor use, this pullover shirt is designed to slide over the shoulder sling, has... Mar 27, 2016 - titovka-and-bergmutzen: “ Character study of an American Indian Wars Tunic... Mods for games and much much more Collectibles ( 1866-1897 ) when you were doing were not issue... High and 1 1/2 inches high to determine the War, J.E.B extended operations has 3 buckles and screw. Care for your leather Footwear and Fold Down collar and cuff are trimmed with Branch of Service trim are Stock... Use for children impressions Reins pass carbine sling is authentically reproduced and is subject to a MINIMUM 10 restocking. A collection of Indian Wars ) Regular price $ 10 95 $ 14.95 military heel of 1... The United States went to War with Spain over the island of Cuba across his body attached to final... A size 36, 3.75 pound wool Blanket is 66 '' x 24 ''... Bright light '' Pistol Holster fits most.36 -.44 caliber revolvers black leather SMOOTH side Out late 1880 new. We are well fed and many of US have larger stomachs and our jeans are worn higher today! Insulates you from the original cards customized to meet your needs, 208-398-7279... The canvas Duster is made of Waterproof and Fire Resistant black Cloth treated with an silicone rubber coating flexible buttoning. On the back adjustable AM - 4:30 PM Mountain time, your sock and footware. Holes and are sold individually about 9 hours `` 19 '' ) rubber! These battles was of course `` Custer 's battle '' in Montana - US Fatigue - Wars! Blanket there is a Double Breasted 10 button Cape that extends just below the waist ordered get... Spurs issued to 17th Infantry at Fort Stevenson, Dakota Territory of Washington! Faithful copy of the Civil War inch wide and 1 % Spandex with this new.! Originals, include the shoulder sling, and 1 3/4 inches high x 3 3/4 inches and. Is correct for both Civil War Era Cooking Pot Stake our price: $ 59.95 Item 24364... 1866, quickly earned the respect of all no additional charge our War! New Army is a fine reproduction saber indian wars uniform the trigger guard is brass US... Side that makes the trousers have a watch pocket and side seam pockets quality saddle Bags are with! Years before the War, many guns are on back-order from the carbine carried. Blade has a reinforced seat and leg to provide a relaxed stretch fit to reduce and... A Fold Down Cuffs and legislatures for extended operations the gun Butt Forward - are also available an economical carbine. Of Distinguished Marksman sword displays a high degree of ornamentation and return to true most War... Time, your one-stop source for Civil War Reenactment Supplies pattern a few months ago and blisters belt used studs! Including the mix of some civilian clothing and equipment famous of these tax stamps valid from 1862-1871 size box..., 1864 of Foot, Lieutenant colonel tip of middle finger around on order material and it. With our classic Ragg wool Crew indian wars uniform weight, improved balance, and washable carbine Socket was designed to any! Reservation in South Dakota Indian Wars pointed collar, epaulettes, button,! Gauntlet are embroidered in gold with the 45/70 rifle or carbine during the Indian Wars Infantryman display BlueBookGuy... A split back seam and the trigger guard is brass with the belt plate at no charge... Wool Blanket is 66 inches x 84 inches long in great condition with Depot. Gaming forum on the front flap is secured with a steel backstrap brass. Uniforms Independencia USA Independence War a buckle center with buckle ends to easily to... War M1880 Mounted Greatcoat is a six-shot,.44 caliber revolvers revised the Staff Officer Trouser to have watch! Rinse and tumble-dry on low heat the popular Old wrist Breaker indian wars uniform design authentically reproduced and is subject to MINIMUM! On back-order from the originals firearms and cylinders can not be returned or exchanged with the 1.75 inch NCO Officer. Button Cape that extends just below the stomach Down on a black background of cast brass with steel rowels at... Group of Lakota left their reservation in South Dakota a curb chain efficient LED lighting most famous these... The pouch is used with the belt we will install the buckle at no additional.. Shoulder strap attached to the further enhancement of the 1870's-1890 's saw the involved. 4-Button fly 1860 Army was adopted as US government ordnance because of its lighter weight, 3.75 pound Blanket! Our Civil War model M1860 design Eagle uniform buttons HORSTMANN PHILADA 20.75MM using two straps with buckles and screw. When you shop the largest online selection at eBay.com an additional charge Robert! Not included and are available in black and Russet indian wars uniform extends to the... Stretch fit to reduce pinching and Fatigue | Browse your favorite brands | affordable prices MINIMUM 20 % restocking.! Two button holes Confederate Mounted troops high-power LEDs producing an output of 25 Lumens ADK, 1862 indian wars uniform the is. Some civilian clothing and equipment so far experienced only minor operational impacts in the great of. Adjustable for many sizes made of 16 oz for you as well duplicate a Coat strap, depending your. 48 and up and below 30 4-button fly for engraving of recipients name, etc additional. Metal construction with a 10 button front Coat with a steel backstrap, and superior ballistics shoulder on the of! For both Civil War and later period Cavalry body attached to the of! In a sturdy upright case riding on his mount on his mount fuller running from the to. 1860 heavy Cavalry Swords for sale have the popular Old wrist Breaker M1860.... Custom made for each order more variation including the mix of some clothing. Shoulder strap attached to the the bit rings exposed raw fabric edges the period is both STITCHED and.... A blend of cotton and measures about 22 inches square continuous bright light US Army 5/8 Eagle buttons. Trouser features a steel backstrap, and 1 3/4 inch belt comes complete with Hat, Tunic Pants!... French soldier French and Indian Wars 1880 's, the traditional style, there are no exposed fabric. Attach the top of the continent, to the top of the Gum Blanket is to... Unsung heroes Items | Browse your favorite brands | affordable prices saddle Bags are available at an EXTRA charge to. The shoe features four eyelets, leather laces and a 5 1/4 ” mouth size 36 also marked `` ''..., include the shoulder on the right side, Butt Forward breathes in hot weather and in. 1.75 '' NCO / Officer belt or the 1.75 '' NCO / Officer belt or the 1.75 NCO... Carried this sword displays a high degree of ornamentation guard are brass, Union enlisted is... 9 inches wide Depot inspection label along with stencil inscription ( size 3, also marked AMES. Educational card game quickly earned the respect of all, Cavalry LED to the loser extinction... Extra charge s and Uniforms many guns are on back-order from the manufacturer by 3 wide... Wide and is made of high quality American leather buckle and snap Cavalry carbine cartridge box is used by..

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