This causes the tomato seeds to lose their hold

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This causes the tomato seeds to lose their hold

To prevent this from happening, do not cut tomatoes with the stem up. This causes the tomato seeds to lose their hold. Instead, lay the tomato on its side when cutting so that the stalk points to the right or left. This means that the tomato seeds still sit on the tomato flesh after they have been cut.

In addition, you should use a serrated knife. This makes cutting tomatoes easier. They do not slip off the skin when the knife is applied and manage to cut thinner slices.  

2. This is how french fries get really crispy

The fried potato sticks are always crispy in restaurants or fast food shops, but is the delicious snack always limp at home? Before deep-frying your fries, cook them in boiling vinegar water for about six minutes. Then the fries should be soft, but not fall apart.

The vinegar gives the french fries a firmer structure so that they stay in shape and brown evenly when frying.

Potato sticks: French fries taste best hot and crispy. (Source: Miroha141 / Getty Images)

3. Peeling eggs made easy

Whether egg salad or breakfast egg: peeling the protein bomb is always tedious. This trick makes removing the thin shell very easy: Put the hard-boiled egg in a glass of water and then shake it vigorously. Then you can pull off the eggshell completely and easily with one hand movement.

Egg: The hard-boiled protein bomb is often difficult to peel. (Source: ThamKC / Getty Images)

4. The perfect scrambled eggs

Milk, mineral water or the right stirring technique – there are many secret tricks for the perfect scrambled eggs. But you certainly do not know this yet: orange juice! However, it depends on the dosage. For two servings, put five eggs and two tablespoons of orange juice in a bowl and mix everything thoroughly. You can then refine and prepare the scrambled eggs as usual.

Hearty breakfast: Scrambled eggs are easy to make if you know how. (Source: rez-art / Getty Images)

5. Fry the bacon until crispy

Do you see crispy bacon as part of an extensive Sunday brunch? To ensure that the bacon is and stays nice and crispy, you should fry the strips on both sides over medium heat for three minutes and then dab off the fat with kitchen paper.

Only when the fat that has leaked out is removed from the bacon can it harden properly. The same goes for crispy bacon strips from the oven.

Crispy fried bacon: The pieces of bacon can be served as a topping for salads and burgers, but also for breakfast. (Source: CTK Photo / imago images)

6. Solid gelatine for sour fruits

Gelatine often does not harden when preparing desserts with pineapple, kiwi fruit or strawberries. The acid and enzymes in the fruit prevent the jelly from solidifying. However, this problem can easily be avoided: Cook the fruit in sugar water beforehand or soak it briefly in lukewarm sugar water. You can then prepare the dessert as usual.

7. Cut onions without tears

There are already numerous tricks that are more bad than right: whistling a melody while cutting or protecting yourself from the onion fumes with diving goggles are just two of them. However, the following tricks are more practical and really applicable:

Wipe the blade of the cutting knife with a piece of kitchen paper soaked in olive oil before each cut. As a result, the onion juice does not splash around but remains sluggish due to the oil and sticks to the onion and the knife.

If you don’t have olive oil on hand but have some time, you can put the tuber in the freezer for about 20 minutes. The effect is the same. The onion juice does not splash when cut and does not cause watery eyes.

Chopped onions: Peeling onions is a horror for many. (Source: jatrax / Getty Images)

8. Sour pickles and mustard pickles as condiments

Pickled cucumbers are ideal as a condiment for mayonnaise or mashed potatoes. After the mustard pickles or pickles have drained properly, they are finely pureed in the blender. Then squeeze the excess juice out of the mass using a cloth. Now you can mix the mixture with your dishes and give them a spicy, piquant touch. This ingredient is also ideal for beef dishes.

9. Refreshing beetroot salad

A beetroot salad is ideal as a side dish. Simply refine this vegetable salad with a few thin strips of freshly cut pineapple. You can also use this trick to give sauerkraut that certain something.

Beetroot salad: The dish can be refined with pineapple or oranges. (Source: peredniankina / Getty Images)

10. A fine touch for goulash

For goulash everyone probably has their own recipe from grandma. This can still be refined and refined in a few simple steps: add some caraway seeds, a pinch of untreated lemon peel and finely chopped, fresh garlic to the sauce and then taste everything.

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11. Farewell to the smell of cabbage

Cabbage is known as a supplier of essential vitamins and minerals. However, since unpleasant smells form when cooking, many amateur cooks avoid preparation. The smell can be easily prevented or reduced: When you cook cabbage, put a large, dry bread crust in the pot. This significantly reduces the unpleasant and pungent cabbage smell.

Vegetables: Cabbage is very healthy, but gives off unpleasant smells when prepared (Source: Jupiterimages / imago images)

12. Prevent milk spills with the hole trick

When pouring the milk out of the carton, spills can easily occur. To prevent spilling, you can simply poke a hole in the box opposite the opening with a sharp knife or scissors. This allows air to get into the box. The trick prevents the milk from spilling or spilling and also works with juice cartons. 

Sources used: DPA’s own research

Whether made from beef, pork, veal or lamb – goulash tastes delicious. Sliced ​​meat with a fine sauce is also a pleasure. At first glance, the two meat dishes are similar. There are, however, differences in preparation: While the strips of meat are only seared briefly, goulash has to stew for a long time.

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Goulash – popular classic

"Goulash and sliced ​​meat have long been part of German cuisine and are still very popular", says housekeeper Inge Kelting, state chairwoman of the DHB – Network Household in Hamburg. Over the years, the preparation has also changed: "Many people today no longer cook as heavily and richly as in the past. In goulash or strips of meat, fatty foods such as cream or sour cream are replaced by low-calorie foods such as broth."

It’s all about the meat

Pork, beef, veal, lamb or game can be used for both dishes, explains Monika Schuster, chef and specialist author from Munich. "But short-grain meat is used for sliced ​​meat, for example fillet, saddle or a piece of the leg." These have short preparation times and only need to be fried for a few minutes. It’s different with goulash and other stews such as ragout. "Coarse and long-fiber meat from the shoulder or breast is used for this." The coarser meat fibers take significantly longer to cook.

Onions belong in goulash

For goulash, the meat is cut into four to five centimeters large cubes. "Then you take the same gram amount of onions and cut them into slices"says Klaus-Wilfried Meyer from the Association of German Chefs in Frankfurt. The onions are fried in a saucepan. If they are translucent, add the salted and peppered pieces of meat. "With the lid closed, they stew in their own juice and in that of the onions." It is seasoned with hot or noble sweet paprika.

Goulash has to stew for a long time

Depending on how much meat there is and how big the pieces are, the goulash has to simmer for one to one and a half hours. "About ten minutes before the end of the cooking time, add goulash spices"says Meyer. You can also make it yourself: mix caraway seeds, lemon peel and garlic, chop finely and season with a little salt. "If you don’t chop it up, you can put it in a tea infuser with the meat and take it out again for serving." Noodles, mashed potatoes, dumplings or polenta go well with the goulash. "Some also swear by pickles for goulash."

Mushrooms go well with veal goulash

Goulash is a ragout – like dishes made from small stewed or steamed pieces of meat in sauce are called. For a veal ragout, too, the meat is diced first, but a little smaller than for goulash, as the chef explains. "The cubes are seared in the pan over high heat, then chopped onions are added." Finally, put everything in a casserole, fill with veal stock and let cook for 45 to 60 minutes. Shortly beforehand, add the mushrooms or porcini mushrooms and some cream – done.

Root vegetables go well with lamb goulash

The lamb ragout is prepared in a similar way: "The meat is roughly diced, seared briefly and then braised in the roaster", reports author Monika Schuster. Here, too, the meat must be covered with plenty of sauce, for example with red wine and lamb stock. "Onions and root vegetables such as carrots or celery complete the flavor."

Meat in strips for strips

When slicing, the meat is cut into strips. "It is important to cut against the fiber"explains Schuster expert. "If, on the other hand, it is cut incorrectly, i.e. with the fiber, it becomes tough." The meat dish is not prepared in a saucepan, but in a pan in which the oil is heated. "The meat should be seasoned with salt and pepper shortly beforehand so that it does not lie too long and the salt can draw water out." The meat strips are fried over high heat and after a few minutes removed from the pan.

Let the meat steep just briefly

"You use the frying aromas in the pan to prepare the sauce"says Schuster. Sweat the chopped onions and deglaze with roast or veal stock or brown base sauce. Depending on the taste, cream, crème fraîche, peppercorns, orange wedges, cognac or calvados can be added. "The meat is then only briefly placed in this sauce so that it can steep a little." The meal is served with rice, small butter potatoes, vegetables, spinach or mushrooms.

Versatile dish

Schnitzeles may also taste not typically German: "If you like it Asian, you can add coconut milk and curry to the sauce"says Schuster. And if lamb with tomatoes, thyme and garlic is used, it could also be served in a restaurant with a Mediterranean view.

Preparing alcohol-free mojito is quite easy – the white rum that usually belongs in this cocktail can be replaced by various non-alcoholic alternatives. You can find different variants for the preparation of Mojito here.

Cocktail classics: varied, tasty and easy to prepare
Photo series with 6 pictures

Mojito with rum flavor, but alcohol-free

The easiest way to replace rum in the mojito without having to forego the typical rum aroma is to use rum syrup. You can get this syrup in well-stocked supermarkets or in beverage stores. If not, you can also make the syrup yourself by boiling a sugar syrup from 100 milliliters of water and 100 grams of sugar and refining it with a bottle of rum.

Prepare a glass of alcohol-free mojito by first crushing a lime cut into eighths with 1 to 2 teaspoons of cane sugar and the leaves of mint in a large glass. Then add 1 centiliter of rum syrup, fill the glass to the brim with crushed ice and pour about 15 centiliters of ginger ale on it.

Alcohol-free mojito: a recipe with tonic water or mint tea

Another way to make Mojito alcohol-free is to leave out the rum without replacement. For this recipe, depending on your taste, squeeze half a lime to a whole lime over the glass and then put it into the glass, cut into eighths. Add 2 to 3 tablespoons of cane sugar and 5 to 10 leaves of mint, which are crushed in the glass with a wooden pestle. Then fill the glass with crushed ice and add 100 milliliters of tonic water. The rest of the glass is filled with highly carbonated mineral water.

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A very special, almost healthy recipe is preparation with mint tea. The tea is infused as usual, then left to cool. The cooled tea is poured into a large, heavy cocktail glass with a few mint leaves, 3 to 4 teaspoons of cane sugar, 3 teaspoons of lime juice and crushed ice and topped up with about 50 milliliters of bitter lemon.

It is considered the original cocktail and impresses with its strong flavor: the Old Fashioned. What is the history of the cocktail and most importantly: how do you make it yourself?


Ingredients for Old FashionedHow the Old Fashioned is preparedWhich whiskey is suitable for the Old Fashioned?

A cocktail with whiskey and history

The Old Fashioned is considered the father of all cocktails. "old fashioned" means in German "old-fashioned" or "traditional". A previous version was called simply whiskey cocktail. The cocktail of whiskey, sugar and orange has its origin in the USA in the early 20th century. Initially, the black-distilled whiskey was barely edible. The addition of sugar and a strong bitter should whitewash its own taste and thus helped the old fashioned on his triumphal march into the cocktail bars of the world.

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